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Bird of Paradise painting by Susanne Broända.jpg

Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care 2002
Self-taught artist

Group exhibitions
2023, Messages of the birds ||, Stundars museum and centre of culture and art, Solf, Finland
2022, Winter art, Hammarö Art Gallery, Hammarö, Sweden
2022, Messages of the birds (October), Art gallery Mitt i stan, Närpes, Finland
2022, Messages of the birds (August), Art Center Torni, Vaasa, Finland
2022, A2B, Art Gallery Grip, Stockholm, Sweden
2022, CLASH, the Holy Art Gallery (London, England), Virtual exhibition
2021, Vaasa Art Club rf members' annual exhibition, Art Center Torni, Vaasa Finland
2021, Barcelona contemporary, Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain
2020, Ostrobothnia Art Associations' joint exhibition no. 6, Art center Torni, Vaasa, Finland
2017, Night of Arts, Wasa Wellness, Vaasa, Finland
2015, Night of Arts, Wasa Wellness, Vaasa, Finland
2012, Vaasa Artists Guild open summer exhibition, Still Leben, Vasa Art Gallery, Vaasa, Finland

Solo exhibitions

2024, Messages of the birds |||, Gallery Karlavägen 70, Stockholm, Sweden

2022, Messages of the birds (June), Café Raawka, Vaasa, Finland
2022, Messages of the birds (March), City Hall Gallery, Nykarleby, Finland
2021, journey | resa | matka, Vaasa Market Hall, Vaasa, Finland
2021, Perspective, HH Old town, Vaasa, Finland
2020, Mirrors and windows, HH Old town, Vaasa, Finland
2008, An inner journey, Nykarleby community center, Nykarleby, Finland

Konstrundan 2022
Konstrundan 2023

Art books
The Nordic Art Guide 2021/22
The European Art Guide 2022
The Nordic Art Guide 2023
World Art Guide 2023

Art grant
Nordic Culture Point, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture 2023



The spiritual, mysterious and inner personal development.

Radio Vega
Österbottens Tidning
Närpes När-TV
Nya Wermlands Tidningen

Artist member of the dark art movement.
Represented by Macabre Gallery.


Official member dark art movement
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