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Why birds?

Birds are for me messengers of life. They are both strong and fragile, beautiful, confident and they are always in perfect contact with their surroundings, no matter in what element they are. There have also been several occasions when I have felt that they have come with messages from dear ones who no longer are here. So, birds can also be deliverers of comfort and hope, if we are open to see them and listen to them.

A little background to who I am.

I’m from a small village called Socklot in the Ostrobothnian countryside and I moved to Vaasa in my twenties to study creativity, colors, and beauty (Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care).


As a child I was often told I was too sensitive, and I struggled with finding my place in the human world. Shifts in energy, the language of colors and all the nooks and corners of the intangible was where I felt at home. Most often in the company of animals. I grew up just knowing that there is more to life than what the human eye can see, and I had a strong feeling of life being a gift and something that needs to be appreciated.


Creating art was something that I never really thought I could do, and it was only when I was in my thirties that I finally stepped into my true form of expression.


My absolute favorite motif, no matter in which form of expression, are birds. I keep these birds clean and simplistic in their figurative language, and I usually place them in a form of abstract worlds and existences. One of the most important cornerstones of my art is the color language and the reason why is because it’s usually the colors that come to me first before I start working on a new piece. After this initial step has happened, it usually doesn't take long before I see the whole work in my head and then it’s very important that I get to start the process of realizing the vision I have as soon as possible.


The background to my creations is an alternative spiritual view of life and my major sources of inspiration are above all inner personal development and the enigmatic. Since my earliest childhood, I have felt a strong connection to animals, and the energy of life, and I have always felt more at home in the company of animals than in the company of people. It is this sensitive to energies and to the energy of life as a whole that I use as one of my tools when creating. My bachelor’s degree of Beauty and Cosmetics is another strong tool because it's there the foundation of my technique and how I use brushes lie.

Due to health challenges that began for me around the age of 30, my creations and techniques have been adjusted gradually. Today, I am limited in my work both in how I can hold on to my brushes and tools and in how long I can work at a time. Despite this, I continue to work with my art. There is always a creative process going on in my head and I can’t imagine a life without my colors and worlds, which I put down on paper or canvas. Or in 3D.

I describe my art as a mixture between wakefulness and dreams because with it I want to build a bridge between the intangible and the mundane. The reason why I create my art is because I want to express life. Something that might sound like too big of a thought, but as I see it, it can be the opposite. That because life is in the everyday moments and ways of living, moments that are too often forgotten or simply not appreciated. With my art, I want to highlight both the beauty and the difficulties in life and show that there is magic around us. It all comes down to our way of looking at things and what we are willing to see and face. For me, art is definitely a mirror or a window that can help us make an inner journey and reflect not only on ourselves and our life but also on the world around us.

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